Here's some useful links for advanced East Endyness.

Spitalfields Music. ( Although we no longer do weekly walks, we do stage East End history events several times a year, often as part of the Spitafileds Summer and Winter festivals. More info here.

The Brick Lane Bookshop. ( It's a bookshop in Brick Lane and specialises in a wide range of titles about this side of town, many of which you won't find anywhere else - including our magazine anthology.

The Boundary Laundrette. ( One of the longest established non-profit community businesses in Britain, the laundrette also runs a constantly updated website of free things to do in Shoreditch, plus the history of the very council estate, The Boundary, built on the site of the notorious Old Nichol.

The Ragged School Museum ( is in an old canal-side factory that Doctor Barnardo turned into a school for street children. It still does educational work, teaching local kids about the hard lives they once would have led and was partly founded by old geography teacher, Mr Ridge.

 Mr Ridge also campaigned to save The Tower Hamlets Local History Library ( when the council proposed to sell it off after years of neglect. Now partially restored, with exciting new developments on the way, it's once again a place full of people trying to prove they're descended from Huguenots.

The Museum of London Docklands ( does exactly what it says on the url. Although perhaps a little too detailed on docky things for the average visitor, it does social history too, right up to community protests against Canary Wharf, which now overshadows the listed warehouse in which it's based. Local historian John Rennie's column is the only thing worth reading in East End Life (Tower Hamlets Council's newspaper about how great it is to be Tower Hamlets Council) and it's archived here. It's a site packed with so much original research that Alan had to stop reading it for fear of ripping him off wholesale, and there are over six hundred original articles to explore.

And finally Kate is an illustrator, filmmaker and animator who created many of the collages and illustrations in our book. You can discover her other work, including her award winning short, here.