Speed history events can stand along, but they can also be combined with our trademark history walks into larger scale, specially themed events.

For decades our group have been involved in immersive, site specific performance in the derelict warehouses and forgottens spaces of the East End and annually we come together to stage something bigger than our conventional walks, drawing on decades of experience doing the special and surprising, usually on miniscule budgets!

 We always aim to exceed any expectations our audience may have.

Here are some of our past projects, all staged as part of the twice yearly Spitalfields Music Festival.







'A Spitalfields Chrismas Carol'

.. a walk through the East End Dickens knew, combined with a re-enactment of his classic story, told on the streets and through surprise visits indoors.

 In the 2008 production Fezziwig's party was staged in a pub, the ghost of Christmas Present arrived on a fairylight lit motorbike and the chilling finale took place in a 15th Century charnal house hidden in the foundations of a modern banking building.


'The Magical History Tour'

A vintage bus, two tour guides and a yukalale lady with specially commissioned songs, these were the ingredianst of the first Backpassage Tour to take to the road to visit Wapping and Whitechapel, with a short stroll through Shadwell en route to re-enact the Battle Of Cable Street too.


'I am a stranger here.'

 This week of walks followed in the foosteps of social explorer Jack London, through the streets of Spitalfields to meet 'The People Of The Abyss.' Played by a member of the audience (who wasn't really a member of the audence) Jack read extracts from his classic work in the streets he visited.

But then it was time to descend still deeper, below the stones of Christchurch Spitalfields, to attend a Salvation Army meeting descibed in his book, explore immersive sets and see another side to East End poverty and the work of Jack London.

Our first event to include speed history, there were nine less known Spitalfields stories to discover in the nooks and the crannies           of the crypt.

                                                       'But who knows the East End?'

This was our second large scale walk/speed history event, created for the 2012 Spitalfields Music Winter Festial. This time the area we explored was Shoreditch and the writer we followed was Arthur Morrison, author of 'A Child Of The Jago.'

In the streets that inspired his slum fiction classic we told tales of poverty from the inside, of the building of the Bvoundary (Britains' first council estate) and the fate of such a place when, a hundred years later, it became fashionable.

After a forty minute walk that included a five minute enactment of the entire 'A Child Of The Jago' in the old arches by Shoreditch station, the audience arrived at their secret destination, St Leonards, where ten storytellers awaited to tell tales less told in a speed history event in the secret spaces of the church.



'Tales From The Ditch'

Our biggest event of all took place in the maze of rooms under Shoreditch Town Hall in December 2014. A site specific extention of our Speed History shows, twenty storytellers were waiting to be discovered in strange and atmospheric spaces hidden beneath the building.

There was an opium den and a code breakers bunker. There was a cockney knees up and a pocket musical. A local artist created new portraits of ordinary/extraordinary East Enders each evening and every show sold out.