For over a decade Alan Gilbey and Steve Wells were a classic double act working in a new medium; the history walk. On their regular 'Backpassages of Spitalfields' tours they used street theatre, silly props and stand-up comedy to bring the story of this atmospheric London village alive.

From Roman burials to rioting silk workers, from spooky architects to trendy artists this unique district has seen it all - and so did their audiences, often in surprising ways! Their walks constantly changed to include new developments in the area, as well as all the strange, impromptu things that can happen on the street. There was nothing in the capital quite like them.

"A superb and lovable comic duo." - British Theatre Record.

Fireworks were ignited. Melon smashed with sledgehammers. Some truly appalling jokes were told. But at the heart of it all there was always a very serious intention that made them any fans.

"The walk was extremely funny - I don't think I have ever laughed so much in the space of an hour and a half. It really inspired me to go back and explore the area again. I used to work less than 5 minutes walk from Spitalfields and I was surprised by how little I knew about it, and by the many interesting places I completely failed to visit before." - Penny of Tulse Hill, 'something in the city'

"Alan and Steve's wacky off-beat walk is both highly amusing and remarkably informative. A number of entertaining gimmicks serve only to emphasise the points being made. I thoroughly recommend the walk and hope they will do more in other parts of London." - Nigel of Chingford, accountant (honestly!)

"I was impressed. Having people lead the walk who make their living by entertaining, the comedic skills they so obviously possessed and the way they could play off each other, gave the whole experience an edge that I have not experienced on similar history walks in London." - Nick of Tottenham, bank employee.

"Just to say that I had a great time on the Back Passages Walk; I really enjoyed the mix of humour and history! (A much better way to learn than a 'serious' history walk. I also liked the emphasis on the real social history of the area, rather than just the Jack the Ripper story. Altogether a great evening, and I'd welcome more!" - Mike of Borehamwood, theme park designer.

"I think 'Back Passages' lives up to its subtitle 'an antidote to history walks'. Beneath the veneer of comic banter lies some passionately held beliefs about various issues such as social justice. But it would be equally appealing to people who buy the Daily Telegraph, as well as Guardian types."- Steve of Ealing, research scientist.

Regular walks are on hold at the moment but Alan can still be booked for private events, and regularly stages others events in the area, some of which involve walking.