ALAN GILBEY is a genuine cockney, born within the sound of a sat-nav being stolen. 

In his fifty or so years of failing to live somewhere other than the East End he has been a sickly school kid, a punk poet, a stand-up comedian and an acclaimed playwright. As well as his stage work he has created several award winning comedy/drama series for radio and contributed to BBC2's 'Deadringers.'

Today he principally works in animation, developing and writing new TV series for adults and for children. Shows that he scripted have won many UK and international awards, including two from the Royal Television Society, two from the Writers Guild and four Bafta nominations. But he does other stuff too.

 Frustration with the many Jack The Ripper walks that dominate his area at weekends, Alan got together with other local performers to tell a different story. "So many amazing things have happened around here, yet all they ever go on about is the bloody Ripper!" says Alan "There are many more stories worth telling - and lots of ways to tell them."

Backpassage Tours was born.

But although Alan doesn't guide regular walks at the moment, this intention lives on through special events and tours, site specific performances, a book and now a magazine

You'll find details of all of these on the pages that follow.